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Need New Clients? We Offer over 50 Ideas For New Clients, Read About This One Cheap Idea.

Posted on January 31 2019

FREE DESIGN WITH PRINT also GROW EACH DAY, with our 25 years experience are specialist at third-party direct mail marketing for local businesses. We DESIGN FOR FREE so you get exactly what you want to mail-out with only the cost of the postcard print and the mailing cost as well. EDDM is the CHEAPEST form of local mailout. It's main purpose is to help businesses create actionable mailpieces that give you more business immediately. We are also online experts and can help with phone or chat support wherever you are.  Our services cover free design, strategy and formatting,  printing, preparing, and sending your mailing out to you surrounding clients or potential clients as well. 

READ THIS TESTIMONIAL: They did two small 500 mail outs in my local area for me. They not only designed for FREE but gave me the promotional ideas that they said "would help me get new clients". I got 6 walk-ins and/or phone calls with the first mail-out and I got 15 with my second mail-out to the same area. Because of the promo most came in with a friend as well. I will continue using this service and I will try other services as well. It really isn't much money and it worked for me. I am trying their SEO program next for only $39 a month.  Thanks, Valerie H., Virginia

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