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We appreciate your business so much and look forward to working with you. Totals do not include any additional changes not requested from initial time of order. Client’s signature or order on website or by phone, with or without signature, whether employee, past employee, manager, or owner authorizes the charge provided and print of the item or items requested. Orders from website, or phone order or signature faxed or emailed from client authorizes the credit card given or on file from business name listed above to be charged for items ordered including all cancellation fees. Any cancellation fee equals the total amount or more based on time and hours spent on the project and/or all print preparation/ order of paper or print cost. 100% of the total will be charged unless otherwise stated before any design work begins to cover all design time to follow and/or print preparation/and/or order of paper. There is no return or refunds on any cancellation after order is placed and/or received. There are no returns on any printed items. There is no refund on any items ordered after signature on order form is  received and/or any design is started and/or completed or of any printed material. Any cancellations for printed material will serve as house credits only. Any printed material that is shipping but declined does not reward the client with any refunds. Client is 100% responsible to pay the total on all contracts signed even if the shipping of any material is declined. If I.S. Marketing is or has designed the printed material, a onetime logo storage fee has not been previously paid there will be an additional $50. Text or design changes are billed at $50 per hour for in-house work and $100 an hour for all work not cancelled and/or not printed in-house and/or released for ownership.  Business name listed or person that ordered by phone takes full responsibility for all charges due.  It is the client’s responsibility to make sure text/content/layout/color/size/ is accurate. All clients are responsible for receiving products on due dates needed. I.S. Marketing is not responsible for any deadlines or shipping of items for deadlines or dates needed but will go out of our way to get it to you on time if you give us date. Clients have to take full responsibility to order and approve on time for desired shipping results. Receiving printed materials vary from 24 hours to 6 weeks based  on item or items ordered. No credits can be transferred from one product to another after print approval or approval of item is signed or order by phone is placed. I.S. Marketing cannot guarantee the color to be the same with each print unless a $150 match plate is requested with each print but we will try our very best if you simply requested color match with each print. Material designed or printed does not provide authorization to use photos, design, program, website or software in any other way. Clients approval (whether on website, verbal or with first signature) will serve as the final file to order product or to be used as approval to print. The design fees and release fees to take to other printers or hostess or for any other type of usage, or as other service, are priced separately. IS Marketing takes no responsibility for editing or errors (i.e. misspellings and missing words/content/size/dimensions but we will try our best to catch all mistakes you have made. After paying additional money for release fee the client’s signature or verbal approval will serve as the binding contract. All print or release signatures give approval for color ink, design, paper printed, size, website style, content, shipping and any shipping damage must be ensured by clients. Any orders serves as a binding contract with no refunds, no cancellations. All orders serves as a binding contract for no release for any designs for any other usage in any way unless release fees are paid in full. Release fees or design fees are priced separately. Miss usage of any designs will automatically be fined $10,000 plus attorney’s fees unless client is willing to pay full release fee before court is required..If balances of order are not completed in a thirty to sixty day period the balance will be automatically be charged to complete authorization of signed contract, or verbal or website order.  Business name and order by phone or signature is under obligation to complete order or the forfeit of all totals. Totals do not always include additional design requested or changed. Florida business locations will include Florida tax. Any alterations of orders forfeits any discounts included. I.S. Marketing can take no responsibility for any errors upon verbal or signature approval provided by client. Client is responsible for item or items (styles, designs, and websites) requested. I.S. Marketing cannot guarantee the total satisfaction of item or items requested an approved by client. I.S. Marketing takes no responsibility for any shipping errors made by companies chosen to ship items.  Rush fees vary from $85 to $200 based on type of print, cut, and additional work needed to fulfill the rush needed.UPS is insured for any damage. Shipping is not included in above totals. Shipping prices are not included.

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